About Us

Quality Cleaning Services

I started Youva Cleaning Services with a vision to improve happiness in the households by cleaning and organising the house in traditional Turkish style. The company has been built around two principles: the needs of our customers, and the understanding of how we can help them to make a difference in their lives.

The most important result of our services is that there will be no more “chaos” in your home or office.

We are working with a professional team. Besides, we carefully check identification and collect references to find out whether the candidates have the proper personalities and skills for the job.


34 Steps Cleaning Process

Youva makes hiring a house cleaner as easy as picking up the phone and telling us what kind of cleaning help that you need. But, we understand that you may have some questions about the actual process, so we provide you the checklist of our 34 steps cleaning process.

• Counter top is tidied and wiped

• Dishes are collected and placed in dishwasher

• Dishwasher is emptied

• Sink is cleaned

• Cooker, cooker hood, and tiles are cleaned by rubbing

• Refrigerator is cleaned

• All dust removed including the top of the doors

• Carpet is removed and floors are swept and wiped

• Window glasses are wiped from the inside

• The garbage is emptied

• Kitchen cabinets are wiped and arranged

• Water closet, the bathtub-shower, and the sink are cleaned

• Bathroom floor is cleaned

• Windows are wiped from the inside

• Garbage is emptied

• Cupboard surfaces and the mirrors are cleaned

• Tiles are cleaned

• Lime stains are cleaned by rubbing

• Dining table, coffee tables and chairs are cleaned

• Seats are vacuumed, and floor is swept and wiped

• Doors are wiped including tops and handles

• Windows are wiped from the inside

• Dust of the wooden furniture is removed

• Seats are wiped with a damp cloth

• Dust of chandeliers and lamps is cleaned

• Spider webs on the ceiling and in the corners are cleaned if there are any

• Dust of photo frames, TV, and wall clock is cleaned

• Room floor swept and wiped (if necessary), including under the bed

• Dust from bed, mirror, and cupboards is removed

• Sheets are changed

• Dusting of children's belongings and toys is taken and organized.

• Laundry is folded, and placed in its place

• Windows are wiped from the inside

• Doors are wiped, including top and handle